Complete Brand Creation

Digital Immersion Response Training – VR Training

D.I.R.T. relied on DMH to create their brand from scratch. This included a new logo, brand identity, application mockups, sitemap, and website design and new learning management system with eCommerce capabilities.

Digital Immersion Response Training

Website Design
Logo Design
Learning Management System
eCommerce Portal

Website Design & Development

When DIRT needed a new website, they turned to DHM to develop the sitemap, architecture, design and implementation. On top of this they needed a learning management system (LMS) for their VR courses. DMH was able to quickly get a new website up and integrate an LMS and payment solution in a matter of weeks.

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Logo Design

Learning Management System

DMH integrated a LMS to the existing DIRT website. This LMS had to allow for admin controls, reporting, and testing among many other things. It also had to have a payment gateway (ie Stripe) so their clients could purchase classes online.

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DMH was instrumental in going to market with D.I.R.T. The speed and precision in which they work is truly amazing!

Promotional Video

DMH created a promotional video for DIRT to use for marketing and advertising efforts.

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